Video tutorials are short educational movies that show you precisely how to perform a certain operation. In case you have never had a website and the hosting sphere is something totally new to you or if you have switched companies and have never seen the new hosting provider’s Control Panel, such video lessons will be quite handy and will help you grow accustomed to the interface in question, not to mention the amount of time that you’ll save. Without tutorial videos, you’d have had to either try out the different buttons inside the Control Panel or read help articles. Even though you can still find out how to get stuff done on your own, it’d be significantly easier to watch an understandable video tutorial and then to just act according to the instructions, preventing any chance of making a mistake if a particular help article is not sufficiently clear.
Video Tutorials in Cloud Hosting
In case you order a cloud hosting package through us and you are unsure about how to perform a certain task in your Hepsia Control Panel, you can check our elaborate video tutorial library where you can find tens of tutorial movies that will make you familiar with all the functions and features that Hepsia includes. In case you have never had a website so far and this is your first hosting account, you can find out how to export or import a MySQL database, how to enable anti-spam protection for a given e-mail account or how to choose a different PHP version for the account. All applicable videos will always be available on the right-hand side of your screen in each and every Hepsia Control Panel section, so you can always see only the tutorials that you require at the very moment. In case you’re interested to find out about other functions that you can use, you can go to the video section dedicated particularly to these tutorials where you will find the whole list. Besides how-to video clips, you will also be able to see helpful informational tutorials – what access and error log files are, what system load is, etc.
Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers
So as to help you grow acquainted with our custom-developed Hepsia hosting Control Panel, we’ve prepared an elaborate video tutorial archive where you can become aware of how to do more or less everything associated with your semi-dedicated server account. We have made every effort to encompass as many tasks as possible, from general info such as what error and access logs are, to more complex and practical things such as how to export a MySQL database or how to park a domain name in your semi-dedicated account. For your convenience, you can see tutorials that are related only to the features that you can access in a given section of the Control Panel. Needless to mention, if you want to deepen your skills and your knowledge, you can visit the dedicated video section, which can be accessed via a link, which is located at the bottom of the Hepsia Control Panel and browse through all the videos that we have prepared for our present and prospective clients.